The Club Today

Today the Club has a small core of active members and players, with a wider group of interested people who support special concerts and the Top Half Festivals. Like in most folk clubs in Australia the enthusiasts are from a wide range of ages, and we encourage young people to become involved so folk traditions may continue.

We hold a monthly session at the Lucky Bat, on the second Sunday of the month, starting at 4pm for a slow session with tunes suitable for new players, and after 5pm for a bit more pace.

There is also a workshop each month at Darwin Community Arts, on the Saturday prior to the session, from 2:00pm – 3:30pm. Each month a different member has a chance to lead us through a new tune.

The Club’s live music focus in 2022 will be smaller events, including our First Folkin’ Fridays, first Friday of April, May & June at Happy Yess starting at 8pm.

 A typical House Concert
A typical House Concert

The Club also runs special concerts for touring artists – at a venue, or house concert, and usually on a non-profit basis. Club members perform around Darwin, including at charity events, such as The Fettlers at the Adelaide River Railway Open Day.

Arranging the session, gigs, concerts, and the Top Half Festival every two years depends on the dedication of many volunteer folkies.