Acknowledgement of Country

The Top End Folk Club is based on the traditional lands of the Larrakia people, and we would like to pay our respect to elders both past, present, and emerging.

Club Logos

Original Club Logo by Dave Hammond

Begun in 1971 by a band of enthusiastic Darwin based folkies, the Top End Folk Club has enjoyed a long and rich history. Drawn by Dave Hammond in the early 70s, our original logo of the three merry musical men has been used and treasured as the Club’s identifier for almost 50 years.
Featuring Keith Young concertina, Guy Nichols lagerphone, Paul Lawler fiddle. We pay homage to the community they represent and all those who have been an integral part of Top End Folk Club events over the years. We look forward to many more!

Scrub Fowl Logo by Sally Balfour

Our new logo depicts a familiar Top End friend (or pest) who entertains us with their scratching in the garden and familiar calls. ‘Music to the ears’ some would say, while others may prefer a different descriptor!
Taking blue from the sky and ochre from the earth, this Top End Folk Club fowl will be making more appearances as we gear up for this year’s festival and events.
Thanks to singer/songwriter and artist Sally Balfour who worked in collaboration with the current committee to bring this new version to life.

Life Members

We would like to acknowledge the dedication of our life members:

Peter Bate
Greg Chapman
Ann Corfield
Jeff Corfield
Martin Goreing
Dianne Howard
Maggie Kent
Mike Lane
Paul Lawler (dec)
Tel McGinn

Rick McKiernan
Jayne Nankivell
Guy Nichols
Chris Pemberton (dec)
Georg Smokey Schmolke (dec)
Vic Stephens
Paul Stewart
Lynne Stone
Tony Suttor
Brendan Williams